reindeer-sleigh-journey-to-meet-santaThis trip was a totally amazing experience for both us as parents and our daughter aged 7. We booked with Santa’s Lapland and the way they organised the whole thing was mind blowing. Let me break down the blog into sections that I think will help you get a better idea of how it all went. I have also posted 6 videos at the bottom of the page and I’ll provided some good things to know.

Here are some photos from our Lapland Holiday.


Our package included all of this, I think their may have been more but we only got time to get all of this done…

  • Flights – apart from the delay, nice flights no complaints
  • Accomodation – really happy with our hotel, we booked a private chalet with sauna & fire
  • Private meeting with Santa Claus – amazing no words to explain!!
  • Husky Sledding – Didn’t realise I was the pilot, fast action but so cold (wind chill) -28degrees
  • Reindeer sleigh ride (x2) – great fun, but again super cold (wind chill) -28degrees
  • Mini Snow bikes – great fun for the kid and its free!
  • Ice caves and igloos – amazing things, a must see!
  • Tobogganing – great fun, free toboggans for all ages
  • Meet the Reindeers – nice we touch, gentle animals

Flight Delayed from Glasgow (outbound)

Unfortunately we were delayed by 4 hours going to Lapland. However what was amazing was that when we arrived we we’re all gathered together in the baggage area and Santa’s Lapland informed us that by the time we reached our hotel rooms we would have a compensation letter and that they we’re going to try and reschedule and extend our return flight time so that we still got the same amount of time in Lapland, which they did.

We booked via Santa’s Lapland – and went for the 3 day break.

Other Good things to Know…

  • Dark most of the time – only 2-3 hours light per day (December).
  • Temperatures – at hotel -5degrees, at Santa & activities location -21degrees.
  • Grand Ball Dinner – last night you meet at local hotel (not ours) big Christmas dinner, entertainment, activities etc.
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Local Shops & Gift Stores near Hotels
  • Food was great standard


Of course you’ll take normal clothes and toiletries etc. You will be provided with snow suits, gloves, snow boots on arrival. The snow boots and snow suits are excellent but we took our own gloves and hats. We wore our normal clothes under the suit and boots.

Here are some of the things we took that are a must have due to the extreme cold temperatures. Don’t miss out on all the fun by sitting inside because you didn’t prepare before you went.

My advice is don’t buy cheap alternatives, it really is super cold, so get the thermal products:

  • Thermal socks for kids, men and women
  • Goggles/glasses are optional but come in handy on husky rides, reindeer rides, tobogganing
  • Snow boots, you’ll need good footwear for when you don’t have the snow boots and suits
  • Hand warmers, snap and crack heat packs are a must, put in kids boots, gloves!!!
  • A face mask/snood is essential. Doing the husky and reindeer rides you must cover your face.
  • Thermal gloves, make sure your hands stay warm!




I hope this post has been helpful and that you book up and have the time of your life, it truly special and memories that last forever, amazing!

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