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Hey there special person of the internet, welcome to my blog and vlogsite! By day I’m a web designer and seo super agent, by night I’m a busy Dad, home cook, dj and internet/tech geek! My site is here to help share my knowledge and findings as I move my way around this life.

You’ll find blogs related to very random things like food and cooking, music and bands, technology, the internet, reviews and some other stuff. I hope you find what you are looking for and if you do, don’t forget to share the love and donate me a coffee, slice of pizza or even just a few quid to go towards the running costs of the website.

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the DJ Mixtapes


Clever Coronavirus video with a Twist!

Clever Coronavirus video with a Twist!

STOP THE SPREAD! Very interesting to see how this video was done. It caught my attention and I'm now sharing it for others to see. No room for racists, if someone you know says a racist remark, simply say to them that it's not big, it's not...

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theDJ Mixtapes

I started djing at age 11 and 26 years later, I’m still mixing some tunes.
I love all types of dance music, enjoy some of my favourite house, electro and trance mixes.

These mixes date back to 2001. Someday I’ll search the archives for mixes from 1992 onwards.

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