So is the Numatic George Wet & Dry Vacuum a good Carpet Shampoo Cleaner?

Yes, in my opinion the Numatic George vacuum wet and dry cleaner is a very good machine and well worth the investment. We have a good friend James who is owner of Car Valeting Glasgow a commercial cleaning business in Glasgow Scotland and he rates them very highly. They have two George Numatic cleaners using them for both dry and wet cleaning.


Using the Numatic George as a Wet Shampoo and Vacuum Cleaning Machine!

This is Alfie and he’s nearly four. He is wetting the carpets with carpet shampoo, scrubbing and then vacuuming using the Numatic George wet and dry shampoo vacuum machine.

The Numatic George is a fantastic vacuum, it sucks great and gives us the option of cleaning our carpets as and when they need it.

We are extremely impressed with wet shampoo option. After setup you’ll add your carpet cleaning solution to water and pour into the George plastic container that fits inside of the machine. From here you can wet the carpets and floors and scrub any areas that need it.

The numatic George vacuum head scrubbing brush nozzle is fantastic for scrubbing and lifting the pile and dirt that is lying deep in the carpet pile.

As you’ll see in the video the Numatic George is very easily used (not complicated), not heavy when filled with water/dirty water and again suction is as good as I’ve seen using other wet and dry vacuums.

I think it’s best you watch the demo and see for yourself that we really did enjoy doing it and using the machine.

All in all it is a fantastic all round machine, kids love it because the machine has a smiley face.

Did you know that George is part of the Henry vacuum family. There is also James, Hetty (she’s a girl), John, Lewis and Charles. There might also be more, lol.

Did you know that the Numatic George is part of the Henry Hoover/Vacuum family?

Numatic have very smartly created a range of vacuums around characters. This not only helps them identify different vacuums for different jobs but it also creates lots of fun for some kids. My son is absolutely crazy about the toy Henry Vacuum by Cadson. It was less than £20 and he takes it everywhere. His cousin Alannah the Hetty vacuum (which seems to be more popular with girls because it’s pink) however Alfie plays with it too.

The range comes in a number of colours from red, green, blue, yellow to purple there may even be other colours too. Numatic also offer commercial machines even though a lot of companies already use the Henry and George machines for commercial use.

Henry & Hetty Toy Vacuums by Cadson

As mentioned up the page the Numatic Henry and Hetty have been created into a Kids Toy Vacuums by Cadson. We have bought both these kids vacuums and for the money they are a fantastic buy. They are well constructed and we’ve not yet had any breakages and that’s well over a year now.

Cadson also sell other big brand name vacuum toys. My boy has both the Dyson ball vacuum and the Dyson cylinder toy vacuum. And again very good toys, made to last!

I’ve listed below the Cadson Toy Vacuums that we have for our kids and all sell for around £25 or less each: