UK Insurance Companies Admin Charges Robbery

“97% of customers”… I must be in the 3% then

So the DVLA told me to notify my car insurance company that I had a new car registration number. We are currently with Admiral insurance and to my surprise when I called that I was asked to pay £19.50 to change the details that by law I have to do (catch 22). So there was nothing I could do but accept the charge – however I think it absolutely stinks especially as it took less than 3 minutes to complete the call being told that it updates mostly instantly but at worst up to 24 hours. So in other words all the work was done by the customer services representative Hannah on the call.

Doing the sums, if Hannah does 20 of these per hour or even per day thats a whopping £390 per hour/day they are making. I could see past it if they said £5 but £19.50, thats a disgrace!! Again the working class get robbed whilst the fat cats at the insurance companies eat well.

I of course felt so strongly about it that I made my way across to the Admiral Facebook page to share my feelings with them publicly, as per Facebook post below. You’ll see the conversation between us below as embedded from Facebook.


I did a quick bit of research to find that Admiral are not the only company applying such charges. Take a look at the Money Saving Expert’s article that covers exactly what I have experienced today.

UK Insurance Companies stealing our money


Read article here!


I’ve no doubt that it’s not just insurance companies that are robbing us blind. Yes they may say it’s in the terms but that doesn’t make it right from the off. The problem needs to be addressed by government, yes the companies need paid for their work but not at nearly £20 per notification.

A lesser amount is acceptable.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave me a comment below if you have experienced something like this, best wishes Gregory!